Walk Through Floor Plans life size projection


What is Walk Thru Floor Plans?
Walk through your floor plans at concept stage on a 1:1 scale on Australia’s LARGEST projection floor. Get your floor plans right before you build. Save money. Save time. We project floor plans, electrical plans and lighting plans. We offer:

  • The MEGA-WALL – vertical projection to display elevations.
  • Move ANY walls / windows / anything live in real-time.
  • Real furniture props on wheels – beds, toilets, baths, couches, and walls.
  • Augmented Reality Walk Thru – a life size immersive experience – no goggles.

How does it work?
Using a special mesh of laser projectors mounted in the roof, your floor plans come to life on the projection floor below on a 1:1 scale – accurate to 1 millimetre over very large distances. You supply your floor plans and we do the rest.

How long is each session?
1 hour.

What file type do my floor plans need to be?

Do I need to book?
Yes. All sessions are booked in advance. We do not take walk-ins.

Do you draw up floor plans?
No. We are not architects or designers. We do not get involved in drawing plans. You come into Walk Thru Floor Plans with your plans ready to go.

Will my property fit on the floor in size life?
Yes. Our projection floor is the largest of its kind in Australia. We project small apartments, all the way up to large developments and mining projects. Think of the projection floor as one big computer screen – floor plans can be moved around if required.

Can I see multi-level buildings?
Yes. We cater for multi-level buildings. Floor plans can be any size of block or development – all for one flat rate. We do not charge per square metre. We charge per hour. What you do in that hour is up to you.

For Retail

Can I bring my builder or architect with me?
Yes. In fact we encourage it. Your builder or architect should be made aware that you are coming to Walk Thru Floor Plans. Together you can make changes in real-time and get your plans the way you want them very quickly.

Are my family and children allowed on the projection floor?
Yes, of course. We welcome you to invite as many family members ( including children ) as possible. We like to make it a shared family experience with your whole family – in fact the kids really love the fun of picking out their bedrooms.

When are my floor plans ready for a Walk Thru?
It is up to you. Some people decide to come with the first draft of their plans, whilst others wait until they have something more solidified – perhaps a fifth or close to a final version. Ask your builder or architect if they would like to attend your session. They can answer questions about your project – like the cost of making structural changes.

For Businesses

Which businesses use Walk Thru Floor Plans?
We frequently service builders, architects, building designers, NDIS groups, and developers across Perth.

How does it work with my clients?
You have full control. You decide the session time with your client. Once at Walk Thru Floor Plans, your company
logo and your website is displayed on the projection floor and the vertical MEGA WALL. Your clients trust you
and your business, so we prominently display your branding for your clients to see. Walk Thru Floor Plans can be
seen as an extension of your company’s services – a “white label” service.

Are there discounts for bulk purchases of sessions?
5 x 1 hour Projection Sessions = 5% discount
10 x 1 hour Projection Sessions = 10% discount