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Our state of the art technology allows you to walk through a life size floor plan of your new home before the build even starts. Most importantly, changes are made in real time! Get started on your new home build with 100% confidence and eliminate any doubt that your floor plan isn’t right.

PERTH's Life Size floorplan projections - Walk your plans

We started Walk Thru Floor Plans with two goals in mind: to cut the cost involved in changing a build and ensuring you are happy with the end product.

Best customer experience – showroom and kids play area.
Second level viewing platform – overlooking the incredible view.

Life size house floor plans
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Perfect Accuracy

Walk thru your new home to perfect scale so you can see everything perfectly!

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Reverse Engineered

We have taken a step back and committed our time to perfecting floor plans!

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Locally Owned

Home grown and locally owned all in Australia by trustworthy builders!

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