The 10 need to know steps of building a new home

The 10 need to know steps of building a new home:

  1. Know your budget

    Take the time to set a realistic budget and get a guide of whether you will be able to get finance. This will determine the size and features of your new home. Depending on your area and features a rough guide would be to allow $1300 per square meter. This will allow you to determine a size to fit your budget.

  2. Browse floor plans for inspiration

    Now you have a rough idea of the size of the house you can afford you can browse floorplans and find house styles that fit your dream home. You can begin to develop a theme and take bits from each plan to come up with your dream home.

  3. Sketch out your design

    Before you engage an architect or draftsman save time and money by sketching out a rough design on some graph paper. It doesn’t have to be to scale but it will serve as a good blueprint for when you engage the professionals.

  4. Engage and architect or draftsman

    Showing them your sketch and other photos for inspiration you can start to more clearly develop the style and the layout and avoid too much back and forth. These professionals will have great advice on layout and offer solutions to maximise space.

  5. Book an appointment with Walk Thru Floorplans

    At Walk Thru Floorplans you are able to walk through your house on a 1:1 scale that’s life size. Fit with moveable walls, toilets, benches and furniture you will be able to see your design come to life. Noting the changes you would like to make to your floorplan will save thousands of dollars and stress rather than making the changes during the build. A two hour visit with your architect/draftsman and builder with ensure you save time and money.

  6. Engineering of you plans

    Once you are happy with your design the draftsman can organise the engineering of you plans and a final copy of the plans will be stamped ‘engineered’. Ready for council submission.

  7. Engage local builders

    Engage two local builders that have been referred and are available to build the house. Ask them to draw up a quote, ensure they are quoting on the same house design for example the same fit off fixtures, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and same floor coverings and landscaping.

  8. Select your builder

    Select the builder you are most happy to work with and who works with your budget.

  9. Enter into a building contract with the builder

    These contacts are usually generic and supplied by the builder or industry body like HIA or Master Builders. This contract basically states the progress of the build and the associated payments at each stage. 10. Approach your broker Take your engineered plans and the building contract to your bank or broker and await financing approval.

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